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assalamu alaykum, please i would like to know if it's true that i ought to cease fasting at least 2 weeks before commencement of Ramadan? i.e. last fast in sha'aban is on her 15th day.

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Wa Alaikum Assalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaaatahuuuuu.... Fasting in the month of Shabaan, without the stipulation of any day, is proven from Rasulullaah (SallAllaahu-Alaiyhi-Wasallam). In fact, he used to fast excessively during this month.This is substantiated by a Hadith of Hadhrat Aisha (RadhiAllaahu-Anha) where in she describes the fast of Nabi (SallAllaahu Aliayhi wasallam). She says that aside from the month of Ramadaan, he never used to fast for an entire month. However, of the remaining months, he would fast the most in Shabaan. [Bukhari, vol 1, pg 264] Also,Prophet Muhammad {P.b.u.h} Said,One who fasts in the Month of Sha'aban should only fast upto 15th of Shaaban because In the Remaining 15/14 days,one Should be Prepared for the Holy Month Of Ramadhaan..

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