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Salam alaekum,i wwas listening to ur programm but the question i wana ask is very personal to me...but i dont know hw dis question is going to look like cos am frightened and afraid of asking this type of question but i will just ask anyhow...please try and understand my feelings..the question goes this way..can my blood brother marry a lady i disvirgined?i know dis is a sin that have caused please advise me...

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Will you let your brother enter hell for the deeds you did? Think, I think you should be the person to marry her no matter what you have to do for it. Can you tell what you have done to your brother?

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Assalamu alaik, in as much as the lady has repented and has done 'istibra'i', and it furtunately turned out that she is not pregnant with your baby, then your brother or any other muslim can marry her. But if she is pregnant, then she cannot marry anyone until she has delivered.

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Oh thank u very very grateful..may ALLAH reward u abundantly...amin

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You Cant

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@teen,,i cnt wat?

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