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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم Assalamu Alaikum: Two questions, if I may: 1) Suppose a person is married and his wife do not object him to have a second wife. However, the U.S law prohibits havening a sec. wife. Can he marry the sec. wife by Islamic law but do not go through the paper work? 2) A single Muslim man is interested to get married with an older lady. He does not have the opportunity to get married with a younger women so that he can have children and establish a family yet. He wants to marry her according to the Islamic sharia but neither him nor the lady want the marriage to be publicly known. He can meet her without causing any suspicious to others. In other words, no one but Allah may notice the contact of these two. Is this kind of set up for marriage acceptable by Islamic Sharia? Jazzaakumullah Khairan

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Assalamu alaik, I think what you need to understand is, a marraige contract in Islamic shari'a is not valid until these five attributes are fulfilled. 1-Dowry. Dowry must be paid to the bride before or after the wedding. 2-Muhalli. This is the place where the marriage contract will be held. 3-Siga. The bridegroom or his representative must be there to say that, I so so and so, is asking for the hand of so so and so in marriage. 4-Bride's wali. A woman connot marry off herself. Her guardian/wali must be there to give her off after the bridegroom's proposition, by saying, I have given her to you/him. 5-Witnesses. And finally, there must be witnesses to all these attributes.

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dont care about U.S`s law, you should do everything according to Islamic Law]

Max, 4 Wifes according to Islam only if you can handle all of them properly

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1) No it is not allowed because as a Muslim you must follow the law of the land, and to be legally married you must have the paperwork done. 2) No it is not allowed because according to the Shariah there are rules that must be applied when getting married and one of them is having it public

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You must follow the rules of the land, only if it is (Islamic Land)

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