Salam aleikoum Is partial circumcision permitted in islam? I was "half cut" before converting into islam. Or is it obligatory to undergo a "full cut" what is the islamic view? Difficult to find the correct view on the subject; leydjezikoum

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Asalam Alaikum, this question requires citations no answer will be accepted unless it has citations.

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Some scolars suggest a "full cut" where the glands should be totally in view without any thing left covering the glands if not a recircumcision is obligatory. Others suggest that even if a little is cut, it's sufficient and salat and hadj can be performed. Where's the truth??

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Rate of HIV infection in Africa is staggering!!!! Studies (mutlipe studies) have shown that the rate of infection of HIV is reduced in those men who are cirucumcised! At this point we know about HIV. Who knows what other diseases will be coming in the future. If you have already made up your mind then don't bother seeking the truth.

Allah knows the best.

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If cicumcision is "anti-islamic" then why is it carried out in the first place and why do scolars insist in having it done. And why do some scolars suggest a thin cut (symbolic) and other scolars go to extreme circumcision with removal of the entire skin??? I'm confused!!

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Salam alaikun, circumscition is obligatory in islam. Allah (SWT) Even command prophet ibrahim to circumscise himself, he uses axe to circumscise himself. Allahu knows best

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If you say it is obligatory, then how much should be cut and then is "partial" circumcision acceptable for performing salat and doing hadj?? You haven't answered my question. Barakalofik

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Total confusion and nobody can agree with anybody on that subject!

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Very confusing and nobody seems to agree with anybody on the subject! I'm still just "half- cut" and I pray my 5 daily prayers, belisve in mektoub, fast in Ramadan and one day inschallah go to Hadj!

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Full Cut. Healthier and more comfortable also. Go for it.

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