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My Husband with whom I have nikkah only ( I haven't start living with him) is a strange type o negative person. He is not negative for his own family for 1 % even, whatever they do ( not related with me), he just deny it is wrong and defend them. All the time he just say bad stuff about my family even my uncles and aunts. He just doubt on me for different things, one day he says to me really bad stuff and I didn't say anything back,and I just sat backside of the apartment building. He tried to find me and after an hour he started calling me, I didn't pick, after 2 hrs when i come back home as it was getting dark and I was feeling bad due to hunger and thrust. He said sorry to me, I just didn't say anything and become normal. Next day he said to me when you come back I smelled something from your breath, I thought he is kidding but again after few days, from no where he asked from me again. I asked what you think I am drinking smoking what ? he said no it is different smell.

He just accused my brother that my friend told me that your brother drinks alot. he just lied. with each day he is sucking my blood. I just weep every other day and becoming the patient of depression.

His father drinks and into many bad stuff, on the other hand my family is religious, I forced my father for this marriage as my father was not ready due to his family repute. And, now I am unable to say anything to anyone. I am in torture, what should I do? I am just confused if I take divorce, and i change my decision everyday, by thinking I should be more patient and good. He has good habits but these negativity takes away all. Please tell me what should I do? should I take divorce?

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 This a very serious matter which involves your whole life. You must make the right decision while there is still time for it and nothing is yet lost. I strongly recommend that you take your family into confidence, do not hide anything from them and tell them the whole thing.
 When in the dilemma of such nature one must seek Allah's guidance and help. I suggest that you offer Salat-ul-Istakhara, which is offering two rakah salah (after Isha') and praying to Allah to guide you to decide whatever is best for you. Allah will, InshaAllah, guide you of the best in your dreams or by making your heart inclined towards the decision which is best for you. Keep doing this till you feel that you have got the answer, and when Allah accepts your prayers, you shall feel your heart at peace. Fe-amanAllah.
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It states in the Quran If someone you feel like will take you away from your religion, including husband, you should separate yourself from them.

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If he accuses your family and targets them and you dont like his family as you said his father drinking then you should not go for this marriage. If you knew before that his father drinks and is into bad stuff then you have brought this to you, knowingly. He is not going to change and his father is not going to change and if you think that your brother does not do anything bad and your family is religious then the two families do not match. if you stay together you can never understand each other so you should get apart by consulting both families and each other. This is the right time to do it as nothing has been lost yet. You are still a virgin and can decide it now, what if you two hate each other family for whole life. I hope I answer your question.

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