Assalamualaikum wr.wb.,

I will like to know what is the hukum/punishment or is it a sin when a husband does not want to perform prayer /solat together with the wife or kids? A wife has been requesting to the husband many times to do prayers together. The husband always told her to do by herself which made her felt sad & heartbroken at times. Its surprise her sometimes as she had seen her husband able to do prayers together with others and even be the imam. But he won't do it neither with her or his kids. She find it strange and puzzled of why this is happening. When she questioned him, the answers/reasons will be like : "No one is attending the baby" "I got things to do" "Can't fit two people at that place"

Please advise or comment. Jazakallah

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 It is not a sin to offer prayer without getting the family to pray together though it would be preferable to do so; but, it is a sin for a man to offer prayers at home and not in the mosque. RasoolAllah (SAW) did not accept the request of a blind companion of his to offer prayers at home because of his blindness and of another companion who sought permission to offer prayers at home because of fear of wild animals.  
She should not feel disgruntled in this matter, instead she should tell her husband to offer prayers in congregation.
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Assalamualaikum wr.wb. MAK,

Your kind explanation is appreciated on the above query. The wife has never stopped & even encourage her husband to prayer at the mosque. As we knew that when a husband prayers with other ummahs in the mosque, she will be granted with the good deeds (pahala) also. But to my understanding also Rasullah s.a.w, also encourages spouses to do prayers together which leads to alot of good causes e.g; maintain a good & blessed relationship in marriage. It's just that throughout her many years of marriage, not even once they had perform prayers together in their own home. Thus, its made her think that this could be one of the reason that her relationship with the husband is always not good. Waallahualam..

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relationships depends on husband and wife by

how husband treats his wife

and how wife obeys her husband

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 Waalaikumasalam Wr Wb.

 I agree with you that when a man has a VALID reason for not going to the mosque for his prayers and he has to pray at home, it is better that he gets his family together to offer that prayer, for then his prayer and that of the family will be counted as congregational prayer. RasoolAllah(SAW) instructed that after offering fardh salat in the mosque one must go back home to offer sunnat and nafl there (which are individually offered) and said, ' do not make your homes grave.'
 I pray that the man realizes his responsibility. Let me add a few words for the lady; one, that her desire is noble and she would have her reward from Allah for it, more noble act would be to keep telling her husband, in a way that he is not offended, to offer his prayers in the mosque since that is the order of RasoolAllah(SAW) and is 27 times more rewarding, two, the lady should stop feeling perturbed over this matter and try to avoid a situation where it becomes an irritant between them - she would earn Allah's blessings for this.
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It is a sin to not pray with others when it's available to do so.

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