Can a wife deny her husband sex? If yes under what conditions. If no. whats the purnishment?

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  A woman who leaves her husband's bed out of annoyance/anger will be subjected to the curse (la'anh) by the angels throughout the night. A woman who fights/quarrels with her husband is subjected to the curse by the hoors in the heaven apportioned for that man. A woman who obeys Allah and RasoolAllah (SAW) and keeps her husband happy (i.e, she is obedient to him and when he looks at her she pleases him) will enter Paradise from the gate of her choosing.[Bokhari]. 
  You will find your answer in the above passage when read with concern.
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Assalamualaikum wr. wb,

Yes, a wife can deny sex. In a situation like having her mensus/period, it's is haram / not allowed to do it. She must be willing to do it though it's a duty of a wife to obey his request. Enforcement is not encourageable at all. Wallahualam..

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right,good one

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yes a wife can, in certain conditions like Fasting periods if no, then there is no punishment

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she can deny him, but he has to swt talk her

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