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What is the proper procedure for when I get my period during the month of Ramadan?

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Every Muslim who is adult and in possession of his faculties must fast Ramadan. They are exempted, however, in the following cases: a. Women in menstruation, or in child-birth bleeding. b. Persons on sick bed, or on a journey.

Women who are Bleeding during Menstruation or of Child-Birth:

  1. Women in menstruation, or bleeding after giving birth, shall not fast.

  2. If Ramadan begins while a woman is in menstruation or childbirth bleeding, she shall not fast until bleeding ceases in both cases and she takes the ritual bath.

  3. If bleeding occurs during Ramadan, then a woman shall break the fast.

  4. When bleeding ceases, a woman must wash and then fast. If she does not find water, she must perform the ritual purification with sand (tayammum).

  5. If bleeding ceases during the night, she can formulate the intention to fast and lose no time in washing but postpone taking a bath until after dawn, providing she does so before sunrise.

  6. If a bleeding woman deliberately postpones the bath until after sunrise, thereby missing the morning prayers, then her fast shall not be valid.

  7. A bleeding woman shall fast a number of days equal to those she missed because of bleeding. `Aisha said :"In the Prophet's time we were ordered to compensate for fasting days missed in bleeding but were not ordered to perform restitution for our missed prayers"

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