Salam alaikum,

Please what is the judgment of someone who forget to observe the Isha prayer and then he/she remembered when it was Fajr time, does one have to make the Isha prayer, or can he/she leave it?

Wa Alaikum salaam.

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no leaving ANY Salah after Fajr as i said only 4 Rakah and 3 Witr

(Jul 16 '12 at 09:01) TeenMuslim ♦ TeenMuslim's gravatar image

Pray your fajr first time u can make up ur missed prayer

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if u forget isha then as they said the dept of god is the first to b forfilled it means u do isha even at fajir or at any time u missed a pray

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if you ever miss any salat you should make it up as soon as possible

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if you want to perform Isha Salah in morning or if you forget or in any case

4 Rakah and 3 Witr

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