I thought the ULAMA were the interpreters of Islam in Sunni Islam. I thought that the MUJTAHID were the interpreters of Islam for Shii Islam. Is this correct? One book of mine speaks about "shiite ulama". Are the shiite ulama the same as the mugtahid? Is ulama a generic term that includes mujtahid?

All help is welcome!

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Salam reference wikipedia

Ijtihad (Arabic: اجتهاد‎, ʼijtihād) is the making of a decision in Islamic law (sharia) by personal effort (jihad), independently of any school (madhhab) of jurisprudence (fiqh).[1] as opposed to taqlid, copying or obeying without question.

To be valid and accepted it has to be rooted in the Qur'an and the hadith and it is required that no established doctrine rules the case. A mujtahid is an Islamic scholar who is competent to interpret sharia by ijtihad. Whereas Akhbari Shi'a Muslim outright reject ijtihad and do not imitate a mujtahid who practice ijtihad

Ulama (Arabic: علماء‎ ʿUlamāʾ , singular عالِم ʿĀlim, "scholar"), also spelt ulema, refers to the educated class of Muslim legal scholars engaged in the several fields of Islamic studies. They are best known as the arbiters of sharia law. While the ulama are well versed in legal fiqh (jurisprudence) being Islamic lawyers, some of them also go on to specialize in other fields, such as hadith or tafseer.

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" ULAMA" in arabic , is the plural of "Alim" , which means : connoisseur , or someone who profoundly understands things (knowledgeable ). so, in religious studies . ULAMA are just knowledgeable people in the field.people that you can ask and get answers from about religious matters. " MUJTAHID" in Arabic means deep thinker , or someone who analyzes deeply . Muslims usually refer by this title to the people who are knowledgeable about religious matters and analyze to find solutions and explanations to matters that could be new (regarding the new way of life in a specific time) , and then compare it to the traditional case (at the time of the prophet) , and with an analogy , they could deduct a solution or way for the new matter. thus, both these 2 words , have nothing to do with Sunni or Shiite , it's just appellations that can be different from place to place in the Muslim world. i hope i was helpful ! And you can also have some additional information on bcbs kentucky.

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