assalam alykum all am a first year at varsity in South Africa and my mom is not working we survive with her pension fund which is suitable for paying my rent expense,i encounter a problem in paying my fees yet when i applied in varsity government was promising to pay up my fees,he kept on puting me in a waiting huge problem know is that we are registaring i dont know where to get help because i tried more islamic orgarnisation and they told me that bursary forms are nolonger given they will be given at the year end brothers and sisters since i was being promised by the government and my frinds we also being promised and they were able to get the help i thought not to apply for the bursary because they are more kids who are desparate and others they cant obtain the loan from goverment bt know seriously am stranded i dont know what to do i do have a faith that inshaallah samething will come up but the faith is disapering.can some one help me the last day of registaring is on friyday 27-2012 its like my dreams are slowly closing up plz help me anyone wiling to assit can contact me:0027768134107 or email me at

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