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Salam, I am Zafraz Zahir, i am from Sri Lanka and now I am 33 years old.

I am suffering from blood pressure since last ten years and doctor advice me to continue medicines till i die and i follow the same. Now I came to Qatar for a job and its a out going sales job. I am scared when i fast my blood pressure will go high and i will fall in sick again. Also I have a problem in my kidneys due to blood pressure.

Please advice Can I skip fasting due to fear of illness and due to nature of my job?

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If you want to do fasting then do it, nobody should stopp you. Fasting is not that hard to manage in life. Fasting helps your body lower its blood pressure, keeping the body alive. Also running inteval 4*4min are great workout to give the body pressure for your way to struggle with high blood pressure or becoming fit. When you do fasting, you could do only 4hours or 6hours window to finish your food and give pleasure to each other. 8 hours are most likely to be the regular and common type of fasting. Drugs or alcohol is not allowed when you do the fasting. It is really easy to follow, just eat for the 8hours window that you have and then keep away from everything thats not prohibited. This will be a better result and gives the body better health so that helps the body to be fit. Intercourse is prohibited in fasting, its only a mounth in a year. Not sex in fasting is something that nobody should avoid in life even though its only one month a year But its not my desition to make..

The type of fasting when you are Muslim, Christians or just a plain regulary man is a much more a future health sign, because the fat hormon like Insulin gets spiked often when comsuming food. Insulin can make you gain fat and muscle. So use at least 2grams Cinnamon 30min before you consume food, so that you don´t spike your insulin hormon so the body stores store more fat. Im only saying

I want to tell everybody about Insulin, its a powerful hormon in the body. You shouldn´t be afraid of eating karbohydrates that is likely stored as fat but also not, it depends on that its when you get confident in yourself and have more faith in what you consume of food that the hard and earning result showes up....

This is the science on short interval running on inulin action that will be something you could do. Extremely short duration high intensity training substantially improves insulin action in young sedentary males.

Babraj JA, Vollaard NB, Keast C, Guppy FM, Cottrell G, Timmons JA.

BMC Endocrine Disorders 2009, 9:3doi:10.1186/1472-6823-9-3

Published: 28 January 2009

BACKGROUND: Classic, long duration aerobic exercise reduces cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk but this involves a substantial time commitment. Extremely low volume high-intensity interval training (HIT) has recently been shown to cause similar improvements to aerobic performance, but it has not been established whether HIT has the capacity to improve glycemic control.

METHODS: Sixteen young men (age: 21+/-2 y; BMI: 23.7+/-3.1 kg * m-2; VO2peak: 48+/-9 ml * kg-1 * min-1) performed 2 weeks of supervised HIT comprising of a total of 15 min of exercise (6 sessions; 4-6 x 30-s cycle sprints per session). Aerobic performance (250-kJ self-paced cycling time trial), and glucose, insulin and NEFA responses to a 75-g oral glucose load (oral glucose tolerance test; OGTT) were determined before and after training.

RESULTS: Following 2 weeks of HIT, the area under the plasma glucose, insulin and NEFA concentration-time curves were all reduced (12%, 37%, 26% respectively, all P<0.001). Fasting plasma insulin and glucose concentrations remained unchanged, but there was a trend towards reduced fasting plasma NEFA concentrations post-training (pre: 350 +/- 36 v post: 290 +/- 39 mumol * l-1, P=0.058). Insulin sensitivity as measured by the Cederholm index was improved by 22.5% (P<0.01). Aerobic cycling performance was improved by ~6% (P<0.01).

CONCLUSIONS: The efficacy of a high intensity exercise protocol, involving only ~250 kcal work each week, to substantially improve insulin action in young sedentary subjects is remarkable. We feel this novel time-efficient training paradigm can be used as a strategy to reduce metabolic risk factors in young and middle aged sedentary populations who otherwise would not adhere to a classic high volume, time consuming exercise regimes.

You can also use minimum 2grams of Cinnamon in every proteinshake before food then 30minutes before. It helps the Insulin levels not to rise so the body takes much energy in from the food and be more content for a fit body with workouts st least 2-3 times a week to keep your body envolving to keep it fit and loosing pounds as your goal...

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Its good that you share what your problem is. Blood pressure is one easy way to get help on. And running 4*4min interval running, that has so much positive effects on the body. YOu will not be dispointed. Also use 2gr cinnamaon before every meal 30minutes before you eat. This fasting is the most effective diet snd health improvment with the chance to live longer here on earth. And thats what its about when its coming to det point or belief in fasting....

Ramadsn id domething all muslims snd Christains should do all year to celebrate life in this world, but you do fasting also with Ramadan. So you can cheriss the learnings by fasting that makes your boy brcomr stronger and stronger. Er got to give our body s chance to surprise and improved your body with high bloodpressure. Im hoping this will be thr answer to finish it... Thank you my fellow believer in God....

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if you have any health problems, Islam dosent force you to Fast you can skip till that time when you are normal health, but you must Fast again of all those which you missed or skipped due to any problem

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A sick person: may break his fast which, if continued, would only aggravate the illness or delay its cure. Similar is the case of a the person who is overcome by hunger and/or thirst and fears that he may die because of it, even if he is resident and healthy. He must make up the days of fasting that he missed. The following two 'ayat support this point: "And do not kill yourselves, Allah is ever Merciful to you," and "He has not laid upon you in your religion any hardship." If a sick person or a traveler fast and withstand the hardships of the fast, and continue to fast while feeling the hardship, their fast will be valid but disliked, for they did not accept the concession Allah gave him, thereby causing himself much hardship and the Prophet (S) said: "Allah loves to give allowances just as He hates that you commit sins" and in another narration "just as He love to give His obligations" [Ibn Hibban and others; Sahih]. He also said: "It is not righteousness to fast during a journey". [Bukhari and Muslim]

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