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hello brothers and sisters in islam. my name is abdul-rauf. i want to know if it is allowed to pray with my non muslim work colleagues before of after our meeting.

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Assalamu aleikum! You can b with them but you can't join them in prayer-Not in the same manner or same way they do.. You can do ur own dua' silently according to the Deen...jazakallahum khairan

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I share the opinion that while standing or sitting together with them in prayer and making the proper intention, you could pray to Allah the way a muslim is allowed to pray

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In my humble opinion if you are praying to God then you can but if you are praying to anything else or Jesus (PBUH) or anyone else then you can't.

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i believe as a muslim you cannot pray "in the name of Jesus" or any other except Allaah's. i think if you do it will amount to shirk.

The only hope... is it that you believe and cherish the opinion that there are two Gods (jesus and GOD: the God that jesus prays to)?

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