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All my life i have lived in a christian household. I have been brought up in the belief of a God, but have always been very confused as to why it is he (God) has a son, and how jesus can also be God. A few months ago i got a quran on my kindle. It has inspired questions, and emotions, and all kinds of fear of ridicule as to whom i live with. the quran makes sense to me though. any way i just need help getting this off my chest, and getting the answers i need.

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Brother, I'd love to help you, but I lack knowledge and I'm in of need of help as well. I hope you take the time to talk with some nice Muslims and you will get the answers you need. Peace and Salam.

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please go to and you will get English translations of the Qur'an. Read yourself and then you will see God is talking to you through the Qur'an. May Allah guide you through he right path.

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السلام عليكم

But remember my friend & im memorizing myself...Al-Quran Ul-Karim are original from Arabian.. Because our beloved prophet محمد s.a.w are arabian..and there also stated in Al-Quran also we as muslim must as much read Al-Quran in arabic.. Wallahutaalaalam..

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I know you are afraid but im sure you are more afraid of your lord and if you feel like your dad has much control over you remember allah has more control that him and Allah has control over you and your father. this advice might give you courage. my best advice would be to pray salat istikhara its a prayer to Allah in which you may ask any question concerninng a big desicion to make you can find it here the link tells you what you say right after you pray two rakat you can do this very late at night so you family wont suspect anything you usually do it right before you sleep and when you wake up you will either be more incliened towords one desicion or you will remember a dream in which you were presented with what to do its hard to explain but you should try it for yourself.

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bless you. i guess this is what it means to come home. i truly am new. all that i was, is no more. one thing still worries me though: my dad is pretty strict on the whole christian or nothing thing. i dont know how hell react. and i dont even dare to ask him to take me to a mosque. i need some suggestions

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InsyaAllah. Dont be affraid,dont be confused.

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i cant access this link. could you send me one that is on the main youtube page please?

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:) 'make me strong' by sami yusuf.

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try to go to a local mosque it would be unfair for your parents to not allow you that my parents have even taken me to a church just to be sure about my religion convince them and say its for that reason because frankly it is and if you feel like you not sure about that religion it is your right to freedom of religion, may Allah guide you to the right path

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my dad is pretty strict on the whole christianity or nothin thing. that probably wont be an option. though i am taking some first steps on my path to the one true God. i dont know exactly what to do about noon prayers and friday prayers. really for any prayers for that matter. i need some help.

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Ask for help from some Molvi..He will guide u and may provide u shelter:)

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