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Asalamu wa alaikum, I'm curious about something and though I might ask it here if you could answer me I would be really thank full :) I was wondering could someone brush his teeth with toothpeist in ramadan in the morning at the time of the fast? everyday in my life I wake up and go to the bathroom and brush my teeth,so I was wondering is it haram to brush my teeth when its fasting time as I use tooth peist?

If it's haram I would also like the reason so I can understand why.

By Hany.k

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No Hany, it is not haram to brush your teeth with toothpaste while you are fasting, because, toothpaste is not meant for consumption, it is only meant to clean the teeth, and you don't swallow it while brushing your teeth. Had it been it is swallowed, it is then that it will be haram. Allah knows best.

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Hany, the scholars used to say it is haram for a person who is fasting to smoke. If he must smoke, It should be after they break the fast. Allah knows best.

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Thanks again for answering my question that I had Sani Tj. Those are all the things I wanted to ask about,thanks again for taking some time to answer my questions and Ramadan Mubarak.

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as far as I know brush your teeth while fasting is makrooh, if you want to brush your teeth, do it after sahoor

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Using toothpaste to brush during fasting is wrong and instead you can be using chewing stick as prescibed by Prophet Muhammed. The odor that normally comes out of person that is fasting is better than than the perfume known as Al-miskin. Prophet Muhammed encourage us to leave our mouth unbrush till will break our fast but if need to brush you can do it with only brush not with toothpaste. Am your brother in islam, Abdulhafiz bn Yisa

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Thank you very much for taking some time to answer my question,im really grate full for your answer

I have another questiong if you could possible answer this too. Can people smoke while fasting? or only after they eat?

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Sister,hany.k,brushing teeth while keeping sawm or fast is not haram but by doing this,the Fast will be Broken because tooth paste has a particular taste..While brushing teeth,the tongue feels the taste of the tooth paste..and sister,it is strictly prohibited to taste or eat anything while keeping fast...and Sister,as you have written that brushing teeth daily is your habit and its really a good habit,but sister,at the time of fast,You can do it at the Suhoor time.. Also,Smoking is not Allowed.. Hope the Answer of Question.. Your brother in Islam:: Ubaid {Ubi}..

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Thanks for answering my question,by the way you sayed (While brushing teeth,the tongue feels the taste of the tooth paste)you have something wrong here I think,so let me tell you my idea about the thing you just sayed,I give you an example with sugar,but first let me explain something to you,you know that the tongue has some areas that are for sweet,hot,and salt stuff,those areas when you put sugar you fell there is sugar but your not tasting it at your tongue,with the help of the saliva in the mouth the sugar gets disorved and when you vswallow it then the taste is send to your

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brain and you know that sugar is sweet,another example I wanna point out,that you sayed when you taste you broken the fast,but it doesnt get in side of the body so how do I broke my fast. Another thing I wanna point out when your cooking dont you smell the food? isnt that breaking fast too as you smell the air and the air gets in side of our body? isnt it kinda the same thing as the taste? oh by the way dont call me sister please im a man the name Hany is used for boys (هانى)

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By the way I think the best answer was the one that (sani Tj) posted for my question,and I know that smelling the food aint gonna break my fast,I just brought it as an example to (Ubi) and if you read (Sani Tj) reply you will notice in the end haram will be when you swallow it(because when you swallow it you get something inside you with taste,but having something on your togue doesnt have any taste unless you swallow it,you can try it out with some sugar put on your tongue and see if you taste then swallow and you will taste it but after the fast try it :)

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@brother Hank.k..ok.... Brother,tooth paste has a taste of mint and the tongue gets the taste of Mint and thus the fast will be broken

(Jul 26 '12 at 05:28) Ubi ♦ Ubi's gravatar image
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