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I have been with my girlfriend for a while now, but our parents would not accept us getting married as of yet, but we do not want to commit sins by seeing each other as girlfriend and boyfriend and wish to marry in private. Also i wanted to know if at a later stage, our parents agreed for marriage, and a marriage ceremony took place in public, will this be valid?


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Dear Ahmad, a marriage contract in Islam will not be considered valid unless these two attributes are present. 1) Wali- the woman must be represented by her wali(be it her father, brother, son, guardian e.t.c). Because in Islam, a woman should always be under the custody of a male relative. Thus, a woman cannot give herself in marriage. 2) Witnesses- Also, for a marrige contract to be considered valid in Islam, there must be witnesses to it. Therefore, if your woman has her wali and there are witnesses, you can marry her. And another ceremony won't be necessary when your parents later approve of it. Allah knows best.

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