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Assalamu Alaikum. I was wondering how can you fast when you do Wadu. Do you know how in Wadu you put water in your mouth to get the dirtyness out. Won't that be puting water in your mouth? and Your fast breaks? Well... it is the month of more Quran and more Du'aa and more worship than ever. but how will you fat if you put water in your mouth in while fasting for Wadu

please give me an answer this is Important Assalamu Alaikum

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Brother nobody said you shouldn't put water in your mouth while you are fasting. The rule is, you don't drink the water. And when you are doing the wudu, i don't think you drink the water that is meant to wash the mouth. No, you spit it out. Allah knows best.

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Thank you Brother. for the advice you dont Drink the water thats what i notice thank you

allah knows the best

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Brother Allah didn't say don't wash your mouth but we are not allowed to using toothpaste during the fast time.

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