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its never stated who was it that died but the quran just says it was somone of resembelence to jesus the reason is because first, god didnt want the prophet to be tortured second, so he may resurect and defeat the antichrist because God decided at the beggining of time that human beings will never be allowed to return to the earth once they died so if Allah allowed him to return it would be contradictory so he was was brought up to the heavens untill the awaited day of his resurection and at that day the true religion will be clear to the whole world and we will be at peace and everyone will submit to god, it will be a beautiful day :)

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We dont belive that jesus raised anyone from the dead also no one ever said that somone was born for this reson we were not given how this happened but many scholars belive that god made an enemy look like jesus because Allah is all powerful and then they crucified him or somone volenteered or somone was born but this really isnt important it dosent really change our belifs does is matter if somone was created for this reason we were created to worship god and we dont mind Allah could have also given this decoy(if there was one) no nervous system so he wouldent feel anything some times we can just say "Allah knows best"

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you your self will answer you the best.

Just think and pray to Allah he will show you the right direction the direction that leads you to the end where you will find the right answer.

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I go to church every sunday and although Islam does not believe that Jesus died, I believe Jesus died on the Cross and the reason he died was because first of all when Mary had Jesus life was blown into Mary direct from God, Mary did not sin and have sex and when Jesus preached the Gospel to a dying nation they killed him because they did not believe that he was the son of God. Now if God blew life into Mary to have Jesus, was he then not a son of God? This is what you need to ask yourself? Mary did not have sex with Josepeh or anyone to concieve Jesus did she? Jesus was concieved by Immaculate conception so to say that Jesus was not the son of god does not actually make ny sense. When Jesus claimed that he was the son of god he came in the form of a man to preach the gospel and because of the way he was concieved was able to perform miracles. When they killed him he could not come off the cross once he was nailed. It was Jesus who did on the cross, if not Jesus, who died on the Cross? There is no answer to this and iof there is no answer, one needs to think again about following that faith. There is no question in christianity whether he died on the cross or not, it is staight he died on the cross. Why did god let his son die? To forgive us of all our sins. Everybody has a phyisical and spiritual sense right? When they killed Jesus his spirit went into Sheol which is the darkest pit of Hell and fought with Satan a dark force or evil spirit and told Satan to let the captives free whether they were prostitutes, murdereres, thieves and of the like. Satan released them and when Jesus resurrected people were amazed on what he done. On the third day of pentecost the holy spirit was poured out upon the people and in the quran even though it mentions the holy spirit in christinaity you have to have the gift of the holy spirit which allows you to have one of the nine spiritual gifts that states in the bible - i.e Gift of prophesy - Gift of Knowledge - these gifts allow you to see spiritually and in the bible it says that Jospeh had dreams and dreams were shown to Joesph that they will try to Kill Jesus and they fled to a safe country. If you have the gift of the holy spirit you will be shown visions, dreams and be able to prohesy which means you will be able to know what other people are going through just by looking at someone. The holy spirit is mentioned in the quran and the bible, however you need the gift of the holy spirit wich god wants everyone to have, so they are not spiritually blind and although muslims know of the holy spirit they are not able to spiritually see, which is one of the gifts that god wants eveyine to have but in Islam, this notion is not as strong as the Christian faith that's why christians are able to tell you what's going on in your life because they have the gift of the holy spirit. It is a gift from god and the holy spirit was poured onto the nation on the day of Pentecoste. It's sad that people do not acknowledge this and still acknowledge the Jesus did not die on the cross but can't give the name who did died on the cross? Also a lot of muslims have changed to christianity if you watch a Muslim Journey To Hope because they aksed God to show them the right path and although Islam states they are the right path - When muslim who even have Imam's in their family they asked god to show them the right religion and Jesus revelaed himsef spiritually to some of them and a White shining light shone around them, so they changed from Islam to Chirstianity and that is defintiely not Satanic. Satan told god because he was a falln angel that he would throw the spirit of unbelief to those on earth so that people would belief in false prophets and religions so that people would go to hell and those that believed in Jesus and prayed in the name of Jesus would go up. In recognition of this Jesus died at the age of 33 and then Islam came and the prophet mohammed (PBUH) Muslims believe and say that he was a prophet each believe in their own - however when Prohet Mohammed died, he did not resurrect - Jesus is the only prophet that resurrected and because Prophet Mohammed is a prohet that stated that Islam was the last religion he still did not perfor miracles like Jesus - Jesus was resurrected on the third day of reurrection - no other prophet did?

I hope that has answered your questions and feel free to watch A Muslim Journey to Hope If you wish - and for those who wish to believe in Islam or Christianity do as you will because when people did not believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and his miracles, he left them alone.

God Bless Everyone

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Im not sure, but up to my knowledge, Jesus had 12 closest follower or companions, they all witnessed God's miracles on Jesus' hand and food from heaven was brought down infront of the 12 to have no more doubt, however,one of the 12 (lets name him Mr.A because i dont know his name) betrayed Jesus and told the Jews where Jesus was staying inreturn for some money.. And the day the Jews where heading to Jesus, the 12 followers where with him. and when the Jews reached, Mr.A started to be seen as Jesus by everyone, as a punishment for his betrayal and disbelieve and that he should go through what he was about to make Jesus go throw, so he was the one crucified.. And Jesus was raised as his mission is not yet finished

And thats what I think we Shia Muslims believe

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"O Mankind, the Messenger has come to you with the truth from your Lord, so believe; it is better for you. But if you disbelieve - then indeed, to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and earth. And ever is Allah Knowing and Wise." AL-QURAN 4:170

"O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, "Three"; desist - it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs." AL-QURAN 4:171

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the person that was on the cross is the one that told the Jews where Jesus was hiding even after being with Jesus all this time and saw Gods miracles on Jesus' hand.. he is on of the 12 closest companions or followers of Jesus.. Its a punishment for the betraying and disbelieving

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Jesus [AS] is not dead because in islam my religion if Dejal comes jesus id the one he is gonna run away from jesus [AS} because dejal know he will die from jesus but if jesus is dead jesus will save us. so sorta do u understand

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PEACE BE uUPON yOU Which god who need not fool the people? Jesus as you ( christians says-as god?) u mean Jesus?

Now about being not the one who died on the cross-First tell the real Powers of (Allah) i didnt say god because it has pluralities as goddess; His is a word "be' and there it is. I know this wont quench your thirst But iam sure you khow about the software "Morphy" you dont tell me that it was invented by humans while i will ask who Created them. I leave this in shfort I know you are well aducated and will take no time to summerise my point. thank you.

answered 70537 abjad's gravatar image this can help read it and, it will make perfect scene. I told you when you have any Questions to try and ask Scholars, Imam or Sheikhs, I think all of these Muslims have answered the same answer but talking to someone who is different than writing only because as much as we want to elaborate on many issues which many intertwine with other stories best explained in person. In Islam we have ONE answer and it has a logic and wisdom. We are certain of the Message God sent alhanduallah, It is great ur educating urself but, I have seen ur Questions and u don't seem like the person who wants to hear the answers god bless u. ur intention I think is to ask Q's can confuse us but, like I said we all have ONE BOOK so we all give the same Answers no matter the different Branches. Good luck

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My dear brother there is a big difference ragarding your questioning about our prophet Isa (Christ) when asking a muslim and a non-muslim.

We Muslims can not comment on something that we dont know about! if we are uncertain about the question we are supposed to say (if i am not mistaken, I am not sure) we are supposed to base our premises from the holy book Quran or the sunnah! on the other hand, In other religion every man has its own assumptions about something thus making it more confusing (No harm intended)!!

Regarding the topic the users of this sites came here to clarify things too. We are seekers of truth! I have knowledge about the question but since i am not sure of it I am not gonna share it! What I am trying to tell you is that we have limited knowledge about our religion,that is why we need to educate ourselves more. In order to clarify this question for you the best thing you should do is ASK A SCHOLAR! Ill help you on the way, ill do some research too on the process!

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