Is the condom haram in islam? If yes, how? If not, how?

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In Islam we take our rulings from as complete so to answer your question and for you to understand whether the condom is halal or haram, can a man while having a sexual intercourse with his wife just before he releases his water pull out and release outside? the answer is yes because there is a Hadith where the messenger of Allah was asked if a man can do that so the wife does not become pregnant and he allowed it and said yes but it is better to release it where it belongs...so based on this Hadith the scholars have agreed that man can you a condom to prevent his sperm entering the wife so she does not become pregnant.

I hope this will be enough for your question.

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let me add to that, for the sake of knowledge, that although Catholics wouldn't allow the use of condom, Orthodox Christians do.

This is due the different opinions the two hold in regards to human life. Orthodox believe that it unless there's a union there, you cannot have an organism considred a human life, a human soul. And that's how it is, isn't it? It takes two ingredients to get that!

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