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Salaam, I'm a Muslim. I have some questions about Islam about some issues that are confusing me.

1 Is everything predestined? (I guess yes)

2 If everything is predestined, why does Allah get angry when we sin?

3 If everything is predestined, do the unbelievers who don't accept Islam do so only because Allah made it so? Do they go to Hell only because it was their destiny?

4 What happens to people who have never heard the message of Islam? Do they go to Hell?

5 Why does Allah test us when He already knows the outcome? (We test people to understand their abilities, but Allah knows everything, so why does he need to test us to understand us?)

6 Is a Muslim prays but makes mistakes, does Allah punish him for those mistakes? Is his prayers still accepted even if he made a mistake?


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 Yes, everything for everyone is predestined. Belief in Divine Decree (destiny) is the sixth constituent of iman without which iman of a person is not complete. Allah in his absolute knowledge knew who all would follow the right path and who all would not and how they would end up. Hence, every bit of every thing is written down, mankind is but a part of the whole that He has created.

 Let me quote a hadith which may help you understand. RasoolAllah(SAW) one day came to his companions with two books in his hands and raised the book in his right hand and said,'Do you know what this book is?' The companions replied that they do not. RasoolAllah(SAW) said: 'This is the book of the Lord of the Worlds which contains the names of people of Paradise along with their father's name, and the tribe, and now there is no addition or deletion to it.' Then he(SAW) pointed out the book in his left hand and said: 'This book contains the names of the people of Hell along with the names of their father and the tribe with no addition or deletion in this as well. The companions asked that as to what was the need of doing good deeds then when every thing was written down. RasoolAllah (SAW) said: 'Keep yourself straight and close to the good deeds.' [or as he(SAW) said].
 We are the slaves of Allah and the slave has no choice except to obey his master. Hence all we need to do is to follow Quran and sunnah in the way Allah Commands us to - and we have done our duty to our Master and then leave the rest to Him alone.  
 Please try a conceptual understanding of the above before I give you the answer to your other questions - will come back again inshaAllah, Allahhafiz till then.
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Salaam, I thank you for the answer. But I'm still a little uncertain.

I understand that Hell is for punishment and there is no escape. But why does Allah need to send his creation to Hell when He was the one who set it as their destiny? Is not Allah the Most Merciful and The Loving? I cannot grasp that concept.

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Well, that is because such are disobedient to Allah and obedient to shaitan, and since such instead of worshipping Allah are worshipping shaitan, their end has to be like that of shaitan who challenged Allah that he will betray whole of mankind excepting a few of Allah's true slaves. What would you do if you were to choose for a reward between two, the good and the bad?

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talking about destiny, as far as my knowledge, in Islam there is 2 type of destiny

1)mua’llaq destiny: destiny that you can change example: lazy person that usually get bad mark can change it by studying harder, then he will receive a good mark QS: surah Ar-Ra’d, Chapter 13 verse 11

2)mubram destiny: destiny that you can't change example: you were born with white skin, you can't change that by asking Allah to be born again to have brown skin

so what we got here? Allah already set some destinies for His creation, some destiny can be changed, some don't.

(Jul 25 '12 at 10:01) Basith Basith's gravatar image

those unbeliever, Allah already set their mubram destiny to be born in unbeliever family, but it's unbeliever itself that will set their mua’llaq destiny, it's themselve that don't want to believe in Allah and prophet Muhammad, while Allah already order them to worship Him in Al-Qur'an

the true come from Allah, mistake come from me

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That's all very insightful. But there's another thing that confuses me.

Why didn't Allah just send Shaitan to Hell in the beginning, instead of letting him mislead people into worshiping the wrong gods and doing wrong?

(Jul 25 '12 at 11:01) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image

Aoa, there are two objectives of questioning: a) to know something which one does not know. b) question for the sake of creating an argument for not accepting the truth.

If your quest is (a), then I would recommend that offer two rakat nafal and humbly and with a lot fear ask your Allah in alone. He will definitely give the answer.

The later was the objective of munafikeens and mushrikeens at the time of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

In Qur'an, Surah Ale-Imran Ayat no. 7, Allah says that, in Qur'an there are Ayats with clear meanings and there are Ayats which have "mutashabihaats", and who doesn't want follow Qur'an they will go for "mutashabihats" so that they can get answers of reality. And Allah says that reality is only known to Allah.

brother, on net there are thousand of people with different school of thoughts, and with this serious question you might get lost with many answers.

Being a Muslim you should at least have a direct relation with Almighty Allah (but with respect and fear as He is Almighty and our creator)

To strengthen relation with Allah, here is the solution:

All you have to do is sit in a quite place facing towards Qibla, close your eyes and lips, take a deep breath and remember the name ALLAH going straight in your heart and when you release your breath recall the name HOO hits your heart. Keep doing thins as long as you can.

Repeat this twice a day (once in morning and once in evening/night) for at least one month and do not miss any of these two times. You will find this a life changing experience

This is called Qalbi zikar, for more details visit

if your quest is honest Inshallah Allah will bless you strength in Eeman - Ameen.

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1) Yes brother, everything is predestined. 2) Although everything is predestined, Allah still gets angry when we sin because, we had the choice of not sining, but we went ahead and sin anyway. 3) The unbeilievers reject Islam knowing fully it is the religion of truth. Whoever seek to find the truth, Allah will surely guide him aright. Allah destined hell for them because He knew even if their dead associates wake up from the grave, and admonished them about Islam, they will not repent. Do you think people like Abu Lahab, Abu Jahil, Abdullahi bin Ubaiy bin Salul didn't know/understand that Islam is the religion of truth? So the unbeilievers choose not to believe, and thus, Allah destined hell as their befitting abode. 4) Allah knows best what will happen to people who never had of Islam. 5) The whole life we live in the world is a test. So Allah test us in order that, when we pass the test, He Allah, will exalt our status with Him, and reward us genorously. Therefore, the tests is for our benefit, not for Him to learn of the outcome. 6) Allah forgive the mistakes of those He wish, and He punish those He wish. If you ask for His forgiveness, He is forgiven. The Most Merciful. Allah knows best.

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Salaam, brother, thank you for helping me to understand.

I have another question, though. Recently someone lost his job and killed his children and committed suicide. I don't understand why Allah tested him in this way when He knew that the man would do such actions. Just one example, it makes me think, but I am unsure of the reason why.

(Jul 25 '12 at 12:32) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image

This is just a little out-of-the-box thinking, I figure if Allah gave me the ability to think and reason, I should at least be given the right to use it.

I know Allah is the Most Merciful, so why didn't he just change Abu Lahab's mind in a way that he would accept Islam? Allah can do anything, so why not? Since Allah has control over everything, if someone doesn't want to accept Him, He can just change that and save the unbeliever's life. The way I see it, it's better than spending an eternity suffering in Hell.

I'm just asking, because if you don't ask, you won't know.

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since this life is a test and we have free will Allah wont make us turn to islam or any other religion, but will instead let us come to our own conclusion.

and also, Allah could have presented his mercy to Abu lahab as an opportunity to turn to islam, but abu lahab out of his own choice, might have ignored allahs mercy, and so since this life is like an exam the teacher wont correct us during the exam but will give us the results at the end.

(Jul 28 '12 at 17:15) usmanahmed usmanahmed's gravatar image

Brother, Abu Lahab has already meet his destiny, which ofcourse he choose willingly. Now all that matters to me is mine. That is why I believed in Allah and trying to do good always, so that I will insha-allah meet the destiny of those who believe in Him and do good. Therefore, you should likewise forget about Abu lahab and work towards a destiny different from his insha-allah. Stop shaitan from dribbling you with such thoughts. May Allah help us.

(Jul 30 '12 at 09:59) Sani Tj Sani%20Tj's gravatar image
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