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this morning i had a dream that i am suddenly selling my house and moving to a house choosen by my parents. Both my parents are well and i have a good relationship with them. In the dream I see that our newly decorated living room is a real mess, and needs badly decorating. I ask my husband why he took the wallpaper off as we could have got a better price for house, i do not remember his reply. the house we are gona move to is a bigger house but does need decorating. I am really worried and anxious - Please reply

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salam alaykum, whenever we have a dream we are not expect to say it out to anybody but to pray immediatly we wake up from the dream. The prayer goes as follows: we are to recite Surat Iklas, Falaq and Nass 3times respectively. By God's grace nothing bad would happen after the prescribed by Prophet Muhammed. Abdulhafiz bn Yisa.

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 A dream can be best interpreted by the person who has the dream. Dreams are of three types:

 a. From shaitan - to scare the person. The person should immediately spit(gesturally) thrice ov
    er his/her left and recite A'aud(in full). In case of real bad dream, one must offer 2 rakah        
    nafl and pray to Allah for His protection. Remember, never make a mention of a bad dream to    
 b. Dreams which occur when a person is in distress/worry etc. 
 c. True dreams - are from Allah. These are meaningful, may be mentioned only to sincere, dear    
    and wise person for its interpretation. A wrong and bad interpretation can turn a good dream  
    into bad.   
 In your case, I would advise you to pray to Allah for the good out of this dream.
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Thank you all very much for answering my question. I will take onboard your suggestions.


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All you need to do is, pray over every dream you dream, be it scary or good........ Maa salaam

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