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can a muslim marry a christian? i'm muslim and in love with a christian. he plans to ask my parents for my hand in marriage. he won't make me convert and will let our children take on islam as a religion. i know that muslims can't marry hindus or jews but can muslims marry a christian considering that we believe in "Jesus" but we named him a prophet? (i may be wrong on that fact) and he said that if my parents agree to our marriage he's willing to convert first. would that still make it wrong?

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can my viewers please give an answer

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Salam, you cant marry a non-Muslim man,

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salaam if you are a muslim lady you may not marry a none muslim man. sorry to be the bearer of such news but that is the truth of the matter and there is great hikmah attached to the childrens religion should be without debate and there would be far more benefits in marrying a muslim male salam alaikum

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 For a Muslim women, to marry a Muslim slave is far better than a non-Muslim. (Al-Quran).
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Translation: Is it there in Quran? that dont marry non-Muslims?

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Please translate

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Yes 是 its there

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Aoa, Qur'an says, Muslims (men as well as women) should not marry to "mushriks" (mushriks are those who create partners with Allah)

If he embraces Islam and becomes Muslim, only then you should marry him.

the best solution to understand Islam is through undisrupted remembrance of Almighty Allah.

And you can do this by a small experience by working on your heart

In 2nd last ayat of Surah Al-Araf Allah set says, remember me in your heart day and night (means round the clock) and don't be of the unheedful.

All you have to do is sit in a quite place facing towards Qibla, close your eyes and lips, take a deep breath and remember the name ALLAH going straight in your heart and when you release your breath recall the name HOO hits your heart. Keep doing thins as long as you can.

Repeat this twice a day (once in morning and once in evening/night) for at least one month and do not miss any of these two times. You will find this a life changing experience

And more importantly, ask this gentleman to do the same, Inshallah he will embrace Islam without the condition of your parents agreement on this marriage.

This is called Qalbi zikar, for more details visit

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muslim men are allowed to marry non muslim women ONLY if the woman is a christian or jew, however it does nor work the other way around with muslim women.


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Aoa, definetily its true as Qur'an says so.

The link you have attached also informs about the verse 2:221 saying that do not marry mushriks. We need to understand the definition of mushriks,

Its not just about idol worshiping, its also creating partners with Allah. "Qul hoo wallah hoo Ahad".

As a first filter women with book qualifies for marriage for Muslim men. But the second filter (mushrik) makes it worth thinking.

Allah knows best.

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Moreover if some Muslim says that (na aoz billah)prophet is Allah's son, will he still be a Muslim ?

people who were given book, were also told that there only one Allah and He has no son. If one don't believe in book then what is left.

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