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Two days ago i had a dream that i die while reciting La illa ha illalah mohammadu rasulilliah,i saw two people ready to say the good and the bad things that i did while alive.

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@Auwalu I am sorry I do not see a question, what is it you are trying to ask

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Hadith 348 The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “He whose last words are: ‘La ilaha illallah’ (There is no true god worthy of worship except Allah) will enter Jannah (paradise).” [Sunan Abu Dawud]

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 It could be an indication to you from Allah(Allah knows best) that you keep doing good and abstain from bad deeds - follow Quran and sunnah - and that you can only do by study of tafseer-e-Quran and ahadith. Make it a every day habbit for you will be asked as to how you utilized your faculties given to you by Allah; one who seeks Allah's guidance, Allah guides him on to the Straight-Path. May Allah help you.
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In Islam when you have either good or bad dream,dont tell any one.if it is good dream,you can tell the person you love and the person does not which bad for you e.g parents.dreams occur in three ways 1:fromALLAH S.W.T to make someone to know what can happen to someone.2:what one is thinking before sleeping.3:from satan to make someone think that the person has bad thought for someone e.gwhen you dream that your mother is a witch,when you dream that your mother want to axe you e.t.c.f it is bad dream.if you have bad dream to tell anyone including parent.Just remember the PROPHET' hadith before sleeping,one of which is sleep with right side before sleeping.after the bad dream,recite SURAH IKHLAS,FALAQ AND NAS to the palm and blow to the left side.then sleep can also make dua to ALLAH about the dream.ALLAH KNOWS BEST.INSHA ALLAH,ALLAH WILL SOLVE OUR PROBLEM.

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