i want to ask about what should we say or reply on people who keep saying that Muslims are "Terrorists" in a good way i really get upset when i see them writing that on photos and i have no idea what to say!?

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You should know that how to turn the tables over, its not real, there are very less Muslims who are not practicing Muslim reply them that,s all the medias stuff, or if its moderate or high level talk, have patience and reply them with nice answer, so they shall not speak again

and Allah is with the patient (One who has Patience i.e Sabr)

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ok thats why i asked the question :D what should i say?!

(Jul 28 '12 at 22:30) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image

:), Say you all will lose, thats enough

(Jul 29 '12 at 05:41) TeenMuslim ♦ TeenMuslim's gravatar image

IT is a Zionst cum capitalists plan against the Muslims with the purpose of subjugating the Muslims where ever they are seen as strong (Iraq), and subjugating them to capture their natural resources (Afghanistan, CAS). Hence the bogey of terrorism - landing in any Muslim country by ganging-up as it pleases them, towards achieving their set goals. Freedom fighters of Afghanistan are for them terrorists. But the big question is - why is it happening with the Muslims? Are the Muslims less in strength or in resources? I would request you all to think over it. [to be continued]

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