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Aselamu aleikum,my question is on two marriage proposal for one person and who to chose.The first brother proposed to me and I agreed to marry him,but he disappeared,I thought he lost interest.After a while another brother asked to marry him,I agreed.After few month the first brother reappeared,and gave me a believable excuse and he wanted to go through the marriage,now I am in a great dilemma,who do I chose?What is the verdict in Islam,please help. JezakAllah.

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 Islamic verdict is that you make your choice of a life partner on the basis of his/her being on deen-e-Islam. Whichever among the two is better in deen be chosen. Wealth, status, beauty etc of a person should not form the basis of choice. Pray to Allah for the best.
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JazakAllah,for answering my question guys,speciallyMAK,may Allah'Tallah reward you and grant you the best in Dunia and Akhira.

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People dont just disappear? he is bullshitting you

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