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Assalaamualaykum. Can someone tell me how many hadith were recorded in total?

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Unfortunately all Hadiths started being collected ORALLY 250 year after Hijra through memories of narrators. Imagine the numbers and the degree of mistakes. If you finf Hadith contradicting Quran, just ignore it. Unfortunately there are hundreds considered Sahih that are pure stories.

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Salam, there are numberless Hadith

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there 6 books of sahih hadith called "saha sitha"u refer it and leave conting the numbers of it..

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brother honestly speaking i dont know the exact numbers but roughly guess they were in thousands according to my limited knowledge Allah knows best i would say you here are two main hadees books download them and count hadees

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its very hard to figure it. u can imagine hat a man who lived 23 years as prophet among people has made many quotes. anyone cannot make a book of life of 23 years :(

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