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AsSalaamu Alykum. I have two gentlmen who want to marry me. I love one but he trys and is more pious when it comes to prayers and other things but he is not loyal I have caught him on sights. He says he will not do it again but I am worried this is not the first time I have caught him. The other is loyal but not very paracticing and I am. I want to do what is right, my heart says one and my mind is confused. I have prayed but I fear that I misinterpet what is being shown to me because of my love for this one man. Help me someone, please.

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Aselam aleikum sister,what fo you mean when you say "I caught him"you mean with other women?If this is the case,I don't think he is a very reliable person.If he is a person who fears Allah'Tallah he wouldn't do such thing.In my opinion,the best thing to do is to ask Allah'Tallah for guidance,pray salat-al-Istikhara.May Allah guide you. Fiamanillah.

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Walykum AsSalaamu, Thank you for your response. Not caught him with another woman in person per say because I do not fallow him around but I did find where he is on several dating sites still and logging into them I have talked to him several times about this and told him how I feel about these. I do not have accounts on any of these sites I deleted them after meeting him. But you can still do a search with out having an account. Also one of his sites that is a social site he has all woman as friends I did not like this but he was friends with them before but one in particular caught my eye the woman was asking if he was still in town. And he wrote her that he loved her. Before getting paranoid I asked him about this and he said it was one of his friends daughter. I talk to that friend and asked the daughters name and where she lived. Turns out he lied again. I thought muslim guys were different than american guys that they had a code to live by. I know none of us are perfect but I am seeing more and more woman playing men and men playing woman weather they are muslim or westerners. It is hard not to get discouraged and I have sought Allah's guidence. But I am not sure I am understanding what he wants me to do. I will keep praying Thank you. I really love him and want to believe him but untill he quits lying to me and delets those sights I cannot trust him. I thought Allah wanted me to be patient and show him love and show him that I was sincere but this has been going on for two years and I am getting weak and loosing faith. This is not what I want. :( Thank you for your time. May Allah bless you.

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@Warda. I am glad to see your advice. If it had not been for the assumption made in your answer, I would have voted-up for you.

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Aselamu aleikum,sister Please,have patience and don't lose hope,continue making dua'a,and ask Him to give you the best in Dunia and Akhira,I hope and pray that Allah'Tallah will grant your wishes,inshaAllah. @MAK,you are right,I made an assumption,my mistake,but thanks brother.

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