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Assalam alaikun, pls is it acceptable in islam 4 a person to gym or to put on more weight by the use of some drugs

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As salam u Alikum, yes gymming is Halal, but if you are talking about co-gym(male/female) then its not permitable in Islam And Allah know the best !

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making your body suffer from those drugs and taking pain is not good

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Assalamu Aleikum. The holy Qur'an doesn't directly say that it is haram to drink alcohol or smoke, but as we all know, The holy Qur'an forbids it because it is unhealthy and it makes your body suffer. I can tell from my own experience. I know a guy who was taking drugs to gain some weight, now he have been married for 6-7 years and he can't have a child. The doctors say, it's because of the drugs. So i don't recommend you to do it.

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