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Lately i have been feeling very weird and off, i feel like im loosing my faith and im very scared, i dont know what to do... I dont pray alot, or read quran if though i know i should and. Truly i want to but i cant find the will to do so. Also i feel like i am straying of the straight and true path to heaven. I dont know what to do i feel so lost lately i want god back into my life what should i do?

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Pray regularly, also the optional prayers (if you are losing your faith,or just like that but optional Salah also recommended by our Prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H) Read Quran Daily also understand it if you cant understand Arabic, i would suggest you And make D`ua more often, and practice Islam as much as you can. And Ask Allah to guide you and all Muslims who are in dark to straight path, (Ameen). And read the Hadeeth, (sayings of Prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H) more often, and practice them, and save yourself from any type of sins, shall be it minor and major aswell.

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Thanks i think i will do my best at that, as a teen muslim i feel like im getting muddled by the world around me. I think im gonna ask my mom for help thanks :)

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Your we!come


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I recommend you to watch powerful lectures of people like Muhammad Abdul Jabbar on YouTube as of many others.

Search terms for YouTube :::

  • AlQadrMedia
    • The Merciful Servant
    • Soldier of Allah
  • - Ahmet Deedat

  • No Gangsters in Paradise-


You should also check the related video's, keep searching for powerful lectures, read Islamic books and pray to Allah as im Al Fatiha.


Your Brother in Islam

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I've recently been facing a similiar problem and I came across this sentence last week which I think sums up the answer to our problems very well:

If we hold Allah in remembrance, praise Him and glorify Him, our iman increases. But, if we hold Allah little in remembrance our iman diminishes.

So try your best to learn more and more about islam, remember Allah, get into the habit of doing the 5 compulsory salahs (I never used to do all of them until I was watching an islamic show and one of the scholars/presenters said that the 5 pillars of islam are the bare MINIMUM to get into heaven (praying your 5 salahs a day being one of them), and that missing your salah's is the SECOND biggest sin. I always knew it was important but I was clearly ignorant and had no idea just how important. Since then alhamdullilah I've been doing all the 5 prayers, but I still have a long way to go. So this message is definitely a reminder to myself aswell, we need to remember Allah as much as we can. We don't know how long we have left alive, so no matter how lazy we may feel we need to strive as hard as we can!)

Best of luck :)

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