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Salam to all readers..

I am from Philippine, particularly in Mindanao the land of Promises. this is not a question like u were expect to be.. but Allah Knows all the things above us.. i am searching for people who has a good and kind heart, who will help us build a new masjeed(Mosque) on our Community here in Philippine. i know a lot of people in middle east who help poor country to build mosque. pls help me how to contact them.. I am just 22 years old, but this problem always make me sad every time i went to our old mosque, i fell bad when i use to compare it on other mosque. here is my email add if in case you will help me.. maraming salamat po.. thank u very much..

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@starhatz Salam, I am sorry, these kinds of posts are not allowed on here, please post this here as an answer

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