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Salam walikum,

I am felling awkward sharing my intimate life but fear of Allah’s obedience is much higher than secrecy of my private life.

I am mother of three beautiful kids. My husband is loyal, respectful to me and he is good father of our kids. We have wonderful family life Alhumdulliah. My question is about our bedroom life. From my husband perspective, after many years of marriage things become slate, to bring some excitement back into our intimate life’s, my husband start buying me lingerie’s and start asking me to doll-up in costumes. These lingerie’s very from next to nothing to all cover-up. At times he even get excited with my hijab and abaya and asked me to dress up in hijab and abayas in different styles in bedroom. Asked me to dance in front of him and danced with me. All this role playing, dressing and intimacy happen strictly behind closed doors. He also pushes me to try different positions for intercourse. I tried to avoid all this but then he talked about his rights as husband and read some internet fatwas to me where according to them what he is asking is very much halal and as wife it’s my duty to fulfill his desires. And I pretty much lost the argument when he said “he does not want to look elsewhere to fulfill his desires and if I do not cooperate then I am pushing him to look around”.

My question is: Is it OK to dress-up in such manner for your husband in very much privacy of your bedroom? If so, is it OK to wear hijab and abaya as intimate clothes for your husband if he asks? Is it OK to dance with your husband in privacy of your home? Is it OK to try different strictly viginal intercourse positions? What are my duties as a wife? Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy when he get excited and treat me like the most precious thing in his life but I do not want to offend almighty with any of my actions. Please answer me at your convenience.

Was salam

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Sister enjoy with your husband as long as it not anal sex

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Refer to the following book Islamic Guide to Sexual Relations (Muhammad Ibn Adam Al-Kawthari) free download available at following link..........


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Some Duties of Wife: The Husbands Welfare Must Be Looked After:

Every righteous wife should be devoted towards pleasing her husband by displaying the best form of conduct by words and deeds. Even if she is in difficulty she should always ensure her husbands happiness and this is the path to the pleasure of Allah and admittance to paradise, Muhammad (SAW) said,

“The women that dies in a state that her husband was entirely satisfied with her will certainly enter paradise”.

Unfortunately, most women are not interested in achieving paradise and the good pleasure of Allah; rather many prioritise excelling in worldly adornments (i.e. Fashion accessories, make-up, houses and clothing etc).

2.Fulfil the Husbands Needs:

Both the husband and wife have a right to having intimate relationship. The wife should maintain good relationship and fulfil her husband’s desires. The women should notgive the evils of society a chance to corrupt her husband and turn towards sin, Muhammad (SAW) said,

“When a man calls his wife to fulfil his urges and she declines and for this reason he r husband remains angry with her all nigh t , the angels send their curses upon the wife until dawn” reported in Bukhari.

  1. Look after the Husbands Children

In Islam the mother is also known as the teacher, and it is her role to look after her husbands children and develop the Islamic identity in them, Muhammad (SAW) said,

“…the wife is the guardian and is responsible for her husbands house and offspring” reported in Bukhari and Muslim

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Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad {P.b.u.h} and upon all his Family and Companions. A spouse can look at the other naked thus seeing one's spouse in any dress is legal with a greater reason since there is no Hijab or cover between them. Allah Says (interpretation of meaning):{ They are Lîbas [i.e. bodycover, or screen, or Sakan, (i.e. you enjoy the pleasure of living with her)], for you and you are the same for them. }[2:187]. It is also permissible for a wife to dance with her husband provided this is free from music and musical instruments, except the al-Daff (tambourine). Therefore, if a husband asks his wife to wear any type of clothes and dance, she is encouraged to do so, and she will even get reward for pleasing her husband, Insha Allah. A wife is rewarded highly for the obedience to her husband; besides that it strengthens the marital ties and increases love and affection. Allah knows best.

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Assalam Alaiki Sister, although am no more than a student but I know in islam things are very easy not strict, all of these things that your husband desires are permissible so long as it a "viginal intercourse" all the styles, positions and fun are recommended as it brings satisfaction especially on the woman's part. Allah knows best

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