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Is Redbull allowed in Islam?? Please let someone tell me the exact Islamic teaching on red bull, should i stop drinking it? or Islam doesn't stop one from drinking it? Sulaiman khan

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Salam, what is RedBull

(Aug 08 '12 at 16:27) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

Wa Alykum As Salam, redbull is energy drink.

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Salam Alaikum,

Is there anything Haram in it?

(Aug 08 '12 at 17:26) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

Only if it contains Haram ingredients, or is dangerous for one`s body then its Haram

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Well... Redbull is halal it had no haram ingridients

Redbull just keeps up your Energy

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There might be Fatwas regarding redbull, and some people died of drinking, (i think so. so much amount of redbull,) as far as i saw on

i read a Fatwa, that said..

If there is alcohol in it then they say that redbull is Haram,

And i saw on web, that it pumps the heart very fast,

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Redbull i think is halal but it could be haram like TeenMuslim said if it has alcohol its haram but RedBull is a Energy Drink so i think is halal but i think there is a 25% haram but it is halal in my thought so Really imma try to know and tell ya

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I don't know if we could technically call it haram, but it has too much caffeine and sugar and is addictive and therefore not good for you. Many medications and dugs are also harmful but were not around in the time of the prophet so there are no hadith about this, so we must use the wisdom and judgement we have been given to make an informed decision.

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In the name of ALLAH

Redbull if don't have haram ingredients then only saying that energy drinks are not good for body so it is haram is something very lame. We take many antibiotic or pain killer which are in long run not good for us. We take black tea, which is although good for lowering blood pressure but it have nicotine that is not considered good for brain and nervous system e.t.c. In the same way coffee, make blood pressure higher due to caffeine, so does that make tea, coffee e.t.c. haram? Excess of anything is bad.

Reason for some people having bag under their eyes can be of reason that they use this drink for different purpose like sleeping less and using this drink instead of sleeping. And that can obviously cause problems. But this don't make this drink haraam or halaal. Also energy drinks have side effects but this is not simply enough to call it haraam. However, if making someone unconcious or addicted then it is surely worse and may be called as haraam.

I am not in favour of this energy drink and not saying if it is haraam or halaal but hope my answer will help in understanding better of why it should be called haram or halaal. And people posting questions in this Q&A are posting for some logical facts to understand things better, not for simple opinions like forums so to call something halaal or haraam we should show some responsibility so that there don't come a time when we say most of things haraam and there remain not significance of haraam and halaal.

If this drink have some health problems then tell logically with their ingredients info which cause problem. So that with logical facts, info from this website can be much more significant.

However, please note that Redbull sure have atleast that side effect that is also of coffee, and that is it make blood pressure higher. But if that should be the reason for calling it haraam then coffee should be called as haraam too.

My only concern with this drink was that why I can't find "Halaal" certified logo on its cane, although I read some where that it is certified by muslim judiciary council.

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It doesn't contain anything alcoholic but it contains caffeine which if we consume it in high quantity it can affect our health and you'll get a little addict for it because red bull will give you good results in boosting your energy but it have some bad effects if we used to consume it as a daily purpose it is not haram but try to drink it eventually only for the sake of your health.

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Redbull is harmful for a human's body. And in Islam, you must take care of a body Allah has created for your soul.

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I have read that redbull is harmful to our health. Coz in this product inside, you can see a lot of chemicals that exactly harmful to your health. And from hadith i heard that who kills himself or herself by theirsalves it is way to hell (and very big evil deed)... Please think about it brothers and sisters be careful from alcohol, smoking, redbull, and other harmful chemicals. " Fact " A lot of peoples who drunk alchohol, like redbull drinks. They have heart cancers which is way to their death. Also So many doctors around the world said : Drinking energy drinks or alchohols are very dangerous to human body, to brain, to heart etc. " Fact " Alcohol, smoking, redbull and other chemicals are gives an addiction to this products.

Stop yourself from Haram and Strange things. It will be the reason of your protection from illness.

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Redbull does harm to your body. And you're obviously not allowed to do harm to yourself. This friend drank loads of it, had bags under their eyes, couldn't concentrate, looked like crap. Then their pain receptors stopped 'working' properly, and they looked like they were dying. Then they stopped when they found out energy drinks was the cause and they were better again. I don't know how much energy drinks you have but this is the result of having too much. Hope I scared you. Salam.

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