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Why was there a split between the Sunnis and the Shiites? After the split, were there any differences between the two groups?

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If Islam is the truth, how can the truth be divided? You can only have one right and many wrongs. I mean if we are supposedly montheistic (belief in one Power) than there would be no acceptance of diversities. There is a Shiite masjid and a sufi gathering where I live at and both say the the sunni are the more ignorant brand of Islam. It is all about interpretation of the book and misguided teachers.

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Sorry these suggestions are extremely lame.

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no the shia are the ones who belived ali should take over the khalifa and those who belived that split into their own group the sharia law in saudi arabia is based off sunni belifs and they cut off hands and stone people to death so as you see sunni also belive in this but shia have gatherings were they mutilate themselves and hit eachother and this isnt accepted by muhammad he banned fighting for being a violent sport

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not really, only a small sect of shia apply physical torture on themselves, and the reason behind it is because during the month of muharram the shia gather and remember the massacre brought on by Yazeed on the Muslims and family of Prophet Muhammad phuh. Also, the physical torture is only done by men not women.

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The split between Sunnis and Shias started as a political issue, then developed into a religious one over time. The issue was over who succeeds to the leadership level after the Prophet pbuh. He himself did not nominate a successor so after his passing away his close followers got together and made what is known as "mutual consultation", in Arabic "Shura". This is something that was specifically instituted by the Quran itself, that when the believers wanted to reach a decision on a matter they should settle the issue by "Shura". In fact there is a chapter known as "Shura" in the Quran. Now this "Shura" decided that the Prophet's best friend and father in law Abu Bakr be nominated as his successor (in Arabic 'Khalifa' or Caliph). After the death of Abu Bakr, Umar was chosen, then Uthman and finally Ali. A group of people had the idea that only the family of the Prophet pbuh had the right to the mantle of Caliphate and they broke away from the main group saying Ali should have been nominated from the beginning because he was a close blood relation of the Prophet pbuh being his first cousin and also his son in law. Now this break away group formed their own political party. The word for party or group in Arabic is Shia. The group was hence known as Shiat Ali or Party of Ali. Over time their political ideology evolved into a religious one and I suppose this was inevitable considering the fact that in the Islamic world political clout was always garnered through religion as religious fervor was high among the masses in those times.

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never was it and never vill it be what you want sunnis and shites we both are the beliver of QURAN our methodoligies are different but each one of us belives and worship allah and him alone.....

"Say: He, Allah, is One. Allah is He on Whom all depend. he begets not, nor is He begotten And none is like Him." Al-QURAN 112

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come on! we all know how the sunnis hate the shias and vice versa!

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I constantly read that Islam is peace and love. There is peace and love in Syria. There is peace and love between Iraq and Iran.

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For example islam says if somebody does adultry give him 100 lashes right? Well do any of you think a sunni would have done the 100 lashes? i dont think so.. and im pretty sure a shia would have done it.. it shouldnt be a secret and im going to say it directly that islam is a tough religion with strict rules which shouldnt be broken and if so you have signed your own punishment. Ofc its a religion of peace but when you break the rules you have to face the ur mistake ..

Who would agree with me that shia is more serious than sunni.. I mean shia take islam very seriously right? and sunni also does but shia does very much..

Im pretty sure muhammad saw was shia too

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How can he be shia if it was created after his death?

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SHIA wasent created after his deeath.. i think it was sunni that was created after death.. muhammad pbuh allowed cutting of hands which shia also allows.. he allowed stoning which also allows in shia.. explain?

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The Sunni Shia division started after the Death of the Prophet (PBUHH) on who would be the successor. Shias said that the prophit said who his 12 successors are. Sunnis say that he didnt so through "Shura" the succossor should be choosen. There are differences between the two groups in but not in the main thing like God is one, there is a judgment day etc

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Those who follow the Sunnah (SAAWS) are those who follow his companions. If Ali(RA) had a problem with the successors, then he would have said so. He never did and followed them as Caliph. Who gives anyone the right to say what the rightly guided predecessors should have done? The Prophet(SAAWS) said that there would be three generations after him that would be on right guide. He also warned about the quwarage and bidah. Every innovation is a bidah and every bidah leads to the hell fire. Just follow the Sunnah of the Messenger (SAAWS); what he said, what he did and what he allowed. And remember; Allah(aza-wajallah) never, ever makes mistakes. As-salaam alaikum, wa-rahmatuulah, wa-barakatahu.

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So this is what I learned in my "discussions of Islam" class. The differences seem very tiny. However if you read the comments to some of the IS video blogs (I use Google Translate) the comments are very very very emotional against Sunnah or Shiah. (Just like between some white racist and Afro-American comments in 1970's.)

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In the name of God, Our God is ALLAH and not a partner. It is our prophet Muhammad SAW. Muhammad PBUH is the last prophet of God. Our book is the Qur'an. We call for prayer five portions of the Kaaba. We know our Sunni brothers.

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joe, any progress on the paper?

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