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1 Bar Jibrail (AS) Ne Arz Kya Ya Allah Mai Apki Ibadat Krna Chahta Hun Allah Rab-ul-izzat Ne Frmaya Krlo Unho Nn 2 Rakat Namaz Ki Niyat Bandhi Unho Ne Is Ehtmam K Sath Namaz Ada Ki K 40,000 Sal K Bad Salam phera Allah Ne Frmaya K Tum Ne Boht Achi Namaz Parhi Lekin Ek UMMAT Aane wali Hy Jiski FAJAR Ki 2 Sunnaten Teri In 2 Rakaton Se Barh k hongi. Any refernce for this?

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i never heard this of, and was not able to find it.

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everyone is sending this through sms without any references.. there is only reference of 2 rakats for sunnah......

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Also 4 Rakah Sunnah

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