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As I learn more about Islam, I have a question, as I understand that during Ramadan the Quran was first revealed, and other chapters were then given out at later stages etc. The question is where and how were the Prayers revealed? If they weren't given is this a man-made to praise God? Or is it from the teachings of the Phophets to show others the way to thank God by the prayers - which then leads to another question can we Pray in our own way to God or do we have to Pray the Islamic way?

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I am not as knowledgeable as others but I do believe that the prayer in Islam is not a man-made one. I learned if I am not mistaken that the angel Gabriel, with Allah's permission, taught prophet Muhammad (PBUH) how to pray and how to take ablution, which is a pre-requisite to prayer.

for the second question it is an easy question and at the same time a very broad one.

I hope this help.. Greetings of peace! ;D

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Salah is not man-made

We cant pray our own way, (Salah) we have to pray the Islamic way, and may Allah guide us Ameen

Like The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammed S.A.W,

Allah also gifted Prophet Muhammed S.A.W 50 Salah`s

Duties were informed to Mohammad S.A.W through Angel Gibreel A.S . But Salah five times a day is, apart from all these, given by the Lord of the Worlds by Allah, Himself, as a present on the night of Miraaj. Salah which was became binding duty as 50 times a day at the beginning, was reduced to 5 times a day finally, with the 5 requisitions and begging of the Prophet of Allah Muhammed S.A.W to Allah on the night of Miraaj, by this advice of Musa A.S to Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. .Oh, the Prophet of Allah! I had experienced with the boys of Israel before. Your community will not be able to perform for fifty times!

After it was finally decided as five times a day, Moses A.S again told our Prophet Muhammed S.A.W that:

1.They can not be able to perform this.

But our Prophet S.A.W said that:

I am ashamed to require more than this from Allah.

Wa Salaam

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