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When i finish praying my salat somethings i feel like im not happy with the salat and some times i feel like the prayer is not answer. Pls i need advise, what is the way out.

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shaitan normally does that a lot just to confuse us and usually its lack of concentration or restless mind which makes us feel this way so when you hear azzan stop worrying bout things and recite (astag-fir-allah) on your way to wadhu and take your time while making wadhu and relax your mind and then on your way to salat recite (astag-fir-allah) this will provide rest and peace to mind and relax your self and dont think of nything while you are in prayer it will help and Allah is ever forgiveing and mercyfull he will help you prevail your troubles

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Salaam, Ahmed. I do agree with what s_a_razvi has said concerning the deviousness of the shaitan, however, if your feel like your salaat is incomplete - or at least, if you get that incomplete feeling - you should not worry too much. Like s_a_razvi has stated, the shaitan does a lot to distract us and lead us astray, but the only thing we can do is try to resist as best as we can, and Insha Allah, if you are determined in your rebellion against the shaitan, then Allah will aid you. And regarding your salaat, you should take your time in performing your salaat and - most importantly - enjoy it, i.e. perform your rukku and sujud properly. I find that it helps me.

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