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When I was about 11 I was sexually abused....because the abuse happened on my way to quran lessons, it changed my view on Islam and I started to live like I was not a muslim, I stopped praying, fasting, basically everything...I kind of hated my parents for forcing me into the religion and the more they would force the more it would drive me away from it.... 15 years later, I find myself acting as a muslim (dont drink, hate clubbing, dont believe in dating, etc), but not praying and fasting etc....I would like to change that and give myself some peace... I dont really know who to contact and what to do...can someone please send me to the right direction? I was thinking to go to a mosque and talk to a Imam, but I honestly dont know whether that is something I can do.... thanks for your reply!

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Salam alaikun waramotullahi, since u have intention that u know want to be practicalising ur islam may Allah guide u to the right path. First thing u have to do is to bath back to islam. Then after then say 'lailaillallahi wa ashadu ana muhammandan abdul uh warosuli (this means there is not God except Allah and prophet muhammed is the prophet of Allah) then u can continue to pray and do ur islam, Allah we forgive all ur past did. This are the step on how to bath to islam 1. Wash ur hands 3 times 2. Wash ur private part 3. Perform normal ablution 4. Wash ur head to the neck part 3 times 5.then wash one part of ur body from the hand to the chest down to the leg 6. Wash the other half like no.5 7.then wash the back. 8.then recite as in above. Barakalallahu fik

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These are some books which you can read, learn and become more strong in your faith.

Put into practice whatever good skills in these books you come across and you will be happy. The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said, “Knowledge is only gained through learning, and clemency [mercy, kindness, compassion] is only gained through perseverance [determination].”

Always ask Allah Guidance, and Help at every step of life

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