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hi bropthers and siters in islam, i want to know if it permissible to combine dhur and asr prayers at the time of dhur especially if the work that i do does permit me time to do asr at it time.

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Salam, it is from the rules of his site that we have the title of a question in the form of a question, please follow this next time when you ask a question.

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Well pray one before you go and then u come home and pray asr

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i recommend you to do a little late just 1 hour before Asr

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You can pray Asr immediately after performing Dhur. There are Hadith where it was reported that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) pray one after the other without delay for no apparent reason for doing so. The Jaffari School generally performs Dhur and ASR one right after the other on a routine basis.

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