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Asalam Alaikum,

When it comes to Islamic information, the information must be of high quality. is a Question and Answer site, meaning that questions are asked and answers are given, people come and look at this site and if they had a question than found a similar one already asked on here, than they will look at the answers, now if the answers are of very low quality, do you think that they would find what they were looking for (an answer to their question)?

The answers must be of high quality, here is a list of what makes a answer on here of high quality:

  1. The answer actually answers the question
  2. The answer contains citations ether from the Qur'an or Hadith
  3. The answer is in a readable format

there are more, but I believe you guys get the idea. Please help to make a place of high quality information.

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Im trying my best!

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Brother,Al Ummat,sometimes when i want To Answer any Question here....and when i post it,then it comes back and shows "toggle prewiew".. This happens daily..

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