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Please kindly explain for me, in detail, the process of correcting an error during salat prayers.

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hadith(buhari & muslim) mohammed ( sal) said , the person must know or assume that he is watched by creator allah or he is standing before our creator.

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mohammed (sal) said if the person do farlu salath on time and in night time particularly last session of night time if he salath regular basis(daily)

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If ever someone has miss a faraaz action in salaat,he/she has to begin again meaning his/her salaat has been nullified.

But if ever someone has missed a waajib act unintentionally, then in the last tashahud,after reading at-tahiyat, that perrson should made salaam only on his/her right side, then he/she will do two sajdahs, then will come back in sitiing position and he/she reads at-tahiyyat again, durud ibrahim, duah mathura and make salaam on his/her right side and after the left side.

BUt if ever that person miss a waajib act intentionally then his/her namaaz is nullified.

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