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I have met a girl via my family and i have really started to like her a lot only one thing she works in another city thst is far from where i live. She lives there alone whilst her family live in my city. My mum wants her to move where i live so she can come closer to her husband.

The only thing is she wants me to move closer to her and for me to get a job there. My mother does not approve, saying if i do move there she will never talk to me again, which i feel is very unfair. I love my mum and will always be there for her. I like this girl a lot andyhink of her everyday. We talk on the phone everyday.

When i talk to my mum about moving she just snaps at me without hearing me out she is just concerned with her own feelings and wants me to do as she wants, like not allow me to make decisions.

We are both divorced and my mum is scared i may get divorced again but i have told my mum that i am a grown man i am an adult. I like this girl soo much that i make duaa to Allah that we get married, ameen.

My mum says if she comes here you both can get your own place but my parents are old and i am the only son, i have sisters living close by.

My does not understand my feelings towards her as her heart is not attached to her.

My mum says if u like her as much as u like her then she will move.

She is comfortable there and told me she does not want to move when we just met, i feel she will now InshaAllah.

How can i ask her to move?

How can i keep everyone happy so we can get married?

My mum says if she comes here you can get your own place and i will help you financiallg, otherwise if u move there i will not help you. My mum does not understand she is a good muslim girl.

I love her and pray to Allah it all works out and we get married ameen.

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Insha'Allah I hope you marry this girl. I have a couple suggestions. One, convince your mother that this girl is for you. Have her come visit your family so that they can meet in person. Two, convince her that she is the one for you and have her allow you to move. If that doesn't go too well, go to a Sheikh and talk about it. Third, finalize a marriage with this girl, and why don't you move there and bring your parents with you? It's a wild suggestion but Allahu Alim

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