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Asalam Alaikum,

To All Members

Good Questions are those questions that actually ask something, good questions are questions which the answers are good, if the question is bad than it is more likely that the answer will be bad.

A good question asked in here, has it's title in the form of a question, the body of the question has good grammar and spelling if asked in English if it is not asked in english that it must have good grammar and spelling in the language that is being used. Good questions stay on topic and do not ask about other topics that are not relevant to the site. Bad questions are the opposite of everything stated above.

A Good answer is the answer that answers the question, it provides citations from both Quran and Sunnah if possible, if not than ether just from the Quran or from the Sunnah. A good answer has good grammar and spelling according to the language of the question, a good answer is clear and easy to understand, a good answer is more than just saying "Yes" or "No", if you do not have an answer or have the knowledge to answer the question than do not answer it. A bad question is everything opposite of everything stated above.

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