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To All Members New and Old is an online Islamic Q&A community, although it is Q&A community, it is still a community, and the members are part of the community so they must act as a part of the community. In this community we have something called the "Badge System", basically this system awards badges of any of three categories to a user who has fulfilled a duty, requirement, or has done something special. The badges of this community are of three types,

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Bronze

the gold badges are the highest awards in this community, and they are not awarded often. The Silver badge is below the gold badge and isn't awarded often to, it shows that one has contributed greatly to the community. The bronze badge is for those who are active participants, it is through this badge that they will be recognized by the community. The badges system is to help the community recognize it's members in there active participation and contributions.

We also have the "Karma System" which is a system which awards points to the members of the community, the number of karma points accumulated by a member is a rough measurement of the community's trust in him/her, and every time a members gains a certain amount of points a privilege is given to that member.

Here are the Karma requirements for each type of duty:

Add a comment = 1 point

Close and reopen own questions = 10 points

Re-tag a question = 10 points

Edit any answer = 250 points

Open any closed question = 1000

Delete any comment = 1000 is moderated by it's members, now a member who can do a moderators task won't necessarily become a moderator, they are just doing a moderators task helping keep this site organized.

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When you do something then respective badges are awarded to you, like ● Autobiographer= Completed all user profile fields ● Citizen Patrol= First flagged post ● Critic= First down vote AND IF THINK TO AWARD BADGES TO OTHER AS LIKE POINTS THEN IT IS NOT POSSIBLE...

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