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Salaam Al akumm I am a mu slam in the USA was raised here tried to be a good Muslim my ex has betrayed me and married non Muslim for lust put me in and my kids in dept, now my 21 year old trying to finish school and support me and his 7 year old sister, my ex is trying to take my daughter where he is teaching her a none Muslim way its ok to have Christmas tree and his girlfriend has a 13 year old that all ready has a boyfriend i need help in stopping him from my daughter i told him to visit her any time take her out and spend time with her only each other but he only wants to see her when he takes her over night she hates going to sleep there he says i teach her to hate him as god as my witness i do not but i stopped him from taking here now hes taking me to court i will fight but we are so much in dept that its hard to pay my attorney and over a year he has not given us a cent. thank you please see what i can do my faith is here in god but my heart is in so much pain i can not breath . need help please

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Assalam ou Allaikoum,

First of all, do not make a mistake to teach your children to hate their father. They should show him respect and listen to him in everything except faith. In Quran it is said if your parents are from different faith respect them and treat them nicely and be a good kids. But when it comes to faith, do not follow them. In my opinion you should focus on their education and try to make them a strong and good muslims. With the time and right teaching they will be able to make the difference between what is wrong and right. They will know how to deal with their father. Don't forget they are the first victim in this situation. Keep praying and asking to help you.

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My child and me have a great chance to live in Qatar where my child has a great school t attend but her father want let me take her even though he does not support her at all or see her he says he does not want to give up his child but he putts his girl friend first any way

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