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Is there a such thing of the evil eye? And if so how can I get it removed if some one have on me?

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All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad S.A.W , is His slave and Messenger.

Evil eye is Fate that Allaah The Almighty decreed and the Prophet S.A.W assured us of its immediate effect. In a Hadeeth (narration) on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbaas the Prophet mentioned that the effect of the evil eye is a well-established fact. [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim] In another narration, the Prophet S.A.W said that had there been anything preceding Fate, it would have been the evil eye due to the harm it causes. He S.A.W ordered the person with the evil eye (the envier) to take a bath and make ablution so that the envied person could take a bath with that water if the latter requested the former to do so. [Muslim]

Thus, if the person with the evil eye is known, he is to be asked to take a bath. Then, the inflicted person should take a bath with the same water used by the first person to wash with.

It was mentioned in a Hadeeth on the authority of Sahl ibn Hunayf that he was walking with the Prophet S.A.W towards Makkah. On their way, Sahl who was a white man with a good body and skin, took a bath. ‘Aamir ibn Abi Rabee‘ah from the clan of Bani ‘Adiyy ibn Ka‘b, looked at him while he was bathing. ‘Aamir admired his body and skin and envied him. As a result, Sahl fell unconscious on the ground.

Later, he informed the Prophet S.A.W about what had happened. Thereupon, the Prophet S.A.W called ‘Aamir and looked at him angrily. He ordered him saying that if he admires something, he should say: "Allaahuma baarik ‘alayhi (O Allaah! Bless it for him.)" and ordered him to take a bath. ‘Aamir washed his face, his hands up to the elbows, the tops of his feet and the edge of his lower clothes. The water he used was poured over the head and back of Sahl and the water container was turned over behind him. Afterwards, Sahl started to walk around unharmed. [Ahmad]

If the person with the evil eye is unknown, the patient should resort to Allaah The Almighty and read the invocations mentioned in the Sunnah (Prophetic tradition).

Allaah Knows best.

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The person who put the evil on me is not muslim

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@tynisha I do not believe that it matters who it is from for there is no Hadith in my knowledge that states that the Evil eye from a disbeliever is different from that of a believer. So it would be the same from any human being

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it is from both believer and non believer

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I removed evil eye with kabbalah amulet, really work visit the link below Evil eye removing

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