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Assalam Aleykum, My Name is Hamidah, and i have been a muslim for a little over 3 years now alhamdulillah. My question is, as the title says, about the Ka'aba before our belived Prophet SAW. I am giving dawah to this one lady and some islam hater came up in the conversation acusing us muslims of liars and all the bad things that you can imagine. So he brought up the subject about the idols inside the kaaba before islam. I have been trying to find the story of this particular subject but I only find internet pages that speak against islam. Can someone here help me to give this sister the most accurate answers about this matter inshAllah??

JazakAllah Khair.

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Sister,There were about 360 idols inside Kaabah.. When the Victory of Conquest of Makkah {Fateh Makkah} took place,then Prophet Muhammad {P.b.u.h} broke and destroyed the idols with the stick inside the Kaaba.. And then the Kaaba was Cleansened..

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There were the Arabian idols inside Kaabah, and as far as i am searching on web i cant get any info, so for your answer i have a little knowledge that Prophet Muhammed S.A.W, when finally The Makkah was conquered, destroyed the idols inside Kaabah

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