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Is it permissible to shave hair off the body?

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Salam. Yes, removal of body hair is not only permissible, it is required. For a man, the beard and eyebrows must be left alone; for a woman the eyebrows. The absolute removal of hair around the penis and testicles, vagina, anus and under-arm is a crucial element of Sunan al-Fitra. The hair must not grow beyond 40 days. Fitra is a code of requisite personal hygienic conduct for Muslims and Sunan al-Fitra is the code of requisite personal conduct to do with the body. The Sahih al-Bukhari explicitly states that all Muslims are required to pluck away the hairs that grown from the base of the naval through the genital area and behind to the anus—it goes on to say that the underarms must be removed of hair in a likewise fashion. Shaving with a razor is allowed instead of plucking or waxing, but laser hair removal might prove the most effective. Whilst other body hair apart from the genital and underarm area are not mentioned in any detail, the majority of Islamic scholars have understood and continue to hold that the complete removal of all body hair from the neck down to the soles of the feet is a required element of Sunan al-Fitra before one engages in a profound holy struggle—known in Arabic and now in English also, as jihad. There is the Greater and Lesser Jihad. The Greater Jihad is the internal spiritual struggle of the Muslim toward submission to Allah. The Lesser Jihad is Holy War against non-Muslims based on principle of belief. The greater jihad is the basis of one being obedient to Allah and is undertaken every minute of the day, every day of the year. Therefore it is necessary for men and women to make sure that every stalk of hair is removed from their bodies and that they remain hairless all the time.

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yes it is Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammed S.A.W.

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