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I have constantly made one particular sins which is regarded as a major sin, and after everytime I do it I feel SO ashamed and disgusted and hopeless and pathetic and all of these things, and as such I always make a Tauba to never do it again because of my detest towards this particular sin, but I end up doing it again anyway, and this has continued for the past 5-6 years. I have 'emaan at times - strong 'emaan - but when I give in to my nafs, it's always in the extremes. I really need help - a soltion. I am aware of the requirements for making Tauba, but I just want to know if there is anything else that I can do that will aid my repentance since I've repented so many times without success, and I am certain that my Rabb will so displeased with me that I cannot even comprehend. Please, give me some advice - any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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it depends on what type of sin is it shirk ?

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Assalamu Alaikum!

In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

If you are repeating a major sin it is definetivly gonna effect you really bad and you might even get addicted to that sin because you only repeat it. I would like to know what sin this is to tell you from the Quran what Allah commands we should do. I see that you feel ashamed and thats the first step to repentance to regret an action. Allah will forgive you even if you have been repeating this major sin but you will have to do more than just repent this time cause it seems like your not taking your tauba seriously. First after every major sin you should donate charity (dont have to be much 10 dollars can be enough but depends on your wealth) Second step is to make a promise that you should not act and do the same sin again and this is a promise u will make by putting your hand on the Quran receting the Quran while and after swearing by Allah. And ofc feeling guilty/ashamed/regret is one of the steps. And everytime u come close to the sin and you will remember your promise and you will say to yourself is this worth more than Allah. I recommend you donate some money to charity because it is one of the most important pillars in Islam and if it is done in repentance Allah will forgive very easily dont worry! :)

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Asalam Alaikum,please provide some citations.

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Brother, alhamdulillah you understand the gravity of your sin and you know how to repent, but must a times repenting is just not enough to stop people from repeating a sin. You need to understand what it is that is making you repeat it. It could be your friends, the environment you are staying, e.t.c You need to find out what is it and stay away from it. Allah knows best.

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bro i have read it some hadith dont remember the author it was written allah loves the person who ask for forgivness and allah forgives a person 27 times for same sin in a day provided he ask for mercy and forgivness. that is y allah is also called as al rehman

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Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah.

Astaghfirullah. Oh Allah please help us repent. May Allah Accept our intention. There's nothing else or more we can do but repent before we die. Repentance is all that was said here and more. Repentance (tauba) to Allah is everything. La ilaaha illa Allah. Subhan'Allah. In Christianity repentance is the same as the worst sin. In Islam (The Truth), repentance is completely good and purifying. Haste in doing good deeds (salat time, telling truth, giving money, etc) and intend for Allah's Acceptance. Follow Quran even if others (hadith, Muslims, etc) disagree. Quran 17:110 explains in every prayer recite Quran in a middle course voice. If no one follows the Quran then we have to all alone to save our own souls.

Kindness to parents is a very good deed. Can't say that's better than Jihad cause it's really the same as tauba. Allah speaks about justice too and forgiveness as more courageous but in general.

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We know the problem is our (self desire) nafs. Abstaining (staying away from "id") is easier than repenting. Id puts the id in stupid. Stop id. We can't sin again when we die anyway. We may or may not be forgiven if we wait til the end to stop repeating that sin. Knowing the problem doesn't stop the problem. Fearing Allah's Judgment stops the problem. Learning to humble self is the greatest love of all. Knowing your self is separate from submitting yourself to Allah. Type in key words like: alluring, false desire, fear Allah and click Yusuf Ali. Assalamu alaykum Wa Rahmatullah.

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