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λssαłαм-υ-λłα¡kυм ωαяαhмατυłłαh¡ ωαbαrαkατυhσσσσ...... My Name is Ubaid..My Age is 17..Alhumdulillah I am Muslim..and Currently i am studying in 11th Class or Standard.. Upto Tenth Class i studied in a Schonl,and then After passing My Matricular exam,i seeked admission in new School because previous School was high school and not Higher Secondary.. In That School,there was a teacher who was very close to me but after Passing my Martric Examination,i left that school and was admitted to a higher secondary.. And then that Teacher was Also on Facebook..I Added him there.. I love him Very Much.. But now he works in Bank.. But Bank involves Interest{Riba} which is Strictly Prohibited and Haram in Islam.. I dont want him to burn in the fire.. Now please suggest me how can i inform him about working in Bank is Haram.. He would be knowing it but i want a impressive Answer.. Fee-Amaanillah..

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You Loved teacher or respect teacher?? You told he but I think she... Isn't it? What Impressive answer you want? Is he/she muslim? Reply this first. Then I will give you Impressive answer...

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No..dear brother..he is a male..i respect him and love him..yes he is a Muslim..

(Dec 02 '12 at 08:00) Ubi ♦ Ubi's gravatar image

If he is male then you don't need any impressive answer. Just tell him directly that this work is not good according to Islam and if there is wealth in your destiny then it will comes to you, whatever you do. So please change your job. I dont want you to be burn in fire. Boys dont needed impressive answer as they uses their mind to undestand what is good and what is bad.

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Your question is very confusing... are you in LOVE with your teacher....!!! If both of you are of same sex then you need much more help than any of us can give you here...!!!! If that is NOT the case, but your love is basically more like "RESPECT AND CARE" for your teacher... then you can simply say that the "FLAWS in HIS PROFESSION" and rest leave it on him as he is an adult to figure out his own fate...!!!!

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