hi all salaam ale kum i want to ask that do we have to read bismillah after every rakaat of namaz

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This should not be a question about salat this should be a question about surahs it should go something like "Is it mandatory to recite the basmallah at the beginning of each surrah?" please change it if I am misunderstanding and you are asking this because in he Hanafi school you do not have to recite the basmallah in salah than please explain to me.

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Yeah cuz the surah starts with That

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hi thanks for the reply brothers. but question in details was when we start a prayer for ex 4 rakat sunnat of isha we start with bismillah than sanah and do we have to read bismillah again before starting surah al fatiyah than again with another surah or reciting once before sana will be enough and moreever do we have to repeat in second rakat also. jazakallah

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yes. you have to

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Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barkatuhu , Dear friends , First of all our prayer must be offered as like Rasullulah were offering . which in other way we can say we need to pray like our prophet (p.b.u.h.) were praying.When we start praying , first we need to memorise SANA , followed by Taaawuj & Tasmiya i.e. Aawuju Billahe Minashaitaneerjeem & Bismillaherrahmaneerheem. Then we can recite Suratul Fatiha followed by another surat from the glorious Quran. While starting for next rakat we need to start with Tasmia only . Hope the answer is satisfy. Wa Aasalam

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